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How different is the Wine academy from a blog?

A blog is great. However the knowledge is mainly random and it is hard to get the full picture for a wine beginner. In addition you cannot train your palate without some wines, step by step. So we created new tools, so as to avoid reading hundreds of pages before grasping the essential. From mind mapping to interactive videos, we deliver the right wines and the right contents to learn about wine fast.

If I want to stop my subscription can I do it?

Yes all subscription can be stopped anytime with a single click from your account. You can do it for bottle subscription or for content only subscriptions

If I'm having friends at home, can I do the courses with them?

Yes of course. We designed the courses with lots of quizes that you can do alone or even challenge your friends

Where are the wines coming from?

Wines are mainly from Europe, where their grape varietal originated from. However to see the effect of terroirs on the wine, you will receive the same grape varietal from several countries in some of the boxes. Like Cabernet Sauvignon from France, South Africa and California for instance

Can I buy only one course without the wines to test it?

Yes of course. The first course is free of access for you to test it, and the wine subscription can be stopped anytime with a single click from your account.

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