Who is Wiine.Me ?

A wine startup, with a passion for wine. We are aiming at making anybody learn about wine in 6 months.

What is your mission?

The first step was discovery: A curated wine box at home every month. But people wanted more.

So our new obsession: Make you learn about wine in 6 months, whatever your initial level. We are about to launch the Wine Academy: online wine courses with a dedicated wine selection, every month. A new way to get the wine basics and much more with an entirely visual platform, interactive videos, mind mapping tools and wine fingerprints, like a puzzle… A wine revolution, for wine beginners to wine ninjas.

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The concept

Simple: You get the wines (3 bottles a month) and the online courses. You can access all lessons, at your own pace, on mobiles, tablets or computers.

We developed a new innovative way of learning about wine. Mostly visual, with interactive videos, infographics and mind mapping tools.So you don’t have to read a lot.

We tested the pedagogy at hundreds of wine tastings with more than 600 students. Now you can access it online, ever month with new contents, tailored to the wines of the box.

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Where do you ship?

Everywhere in Europe, you can get your box. All over the world you can purchase an access to the contents, as a subscription or for only one course.

If you order now, you will receive your first box at home within 10 days, then every month around the 20th.

The box contains 3 different wines on a monthly theme with a booklet about the wines, the region and lots of wine tips.

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The innovation

A web platform with online wine courses. Any wine expert or designer can get involved in building the courses. An affiliation deal has been created for any expert who want to create and broadcast his own courses.

The innovation is in the following elements:

  • The right wines are delivered at home to train the palate of all users.
  • Interactive videos, a media able to adapt itself to any level from beginner to wine expert.
  • Mind mapping tools are used to train users with bland tasting abilities.
  • Quizes are used at many steps to engage and challenge the students on what they learned


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