L is for the way we love Languedoc

costeplane-65x275L is for Largest wine region in the world! The Languedoc has over 700,000 hectares of planted vines!

A is for Awesome Value! The wines of the Languedoc were originally known for its bulk wine production. Now, many fabulous winemakers are moving in and changing the wine world. Here, you get a great bang for your buck.

N is for Not Just Still Wines (hey, we’re trying here!) Limoux & Blanquette de Limoux – sparkling wines made in the traditional (aka Champage method) with Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, or Mauzac. Good value!

G is for Grenache, Syrah, Carignan, and Mourvedre – the main red grapes of the Languedoc wine region. Wines from this region are mostly blends.

U is for faUgéres (what we’re not poets here – just trying help you learn about wine. Have another glass. We get better!) a great region for aromatic red wines made of Grenache.

E is for Energetic Whites- The white wines from the Languedoc region can be deliciously zesty. Especially those made with the Picpoul de Pinet varietal. (try it with oysters!)

D is for Doux or French for sweet – this region is known for these wines that are fortified with brandy to stop the fermentation, leaving the wines sweet. Try Banyuls!

O is for Oh My Gosh this is hard. How do poets do this?Aroma Cabernet Sauvignon France

C is for Corbières – a fantastic region for wines with a bit of a ‘rustic’ or wild character! Also try St. Chinian!


If you want more of our awesome learning techniques, let’s start our guided tasting of our Languedoc Cabernet Sauvignon. We need a glass too, now!


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