A wrap up of the Cab Sauv Series

You’ve now tasted Cabernet Sauvignons from all over the world.

You know that they can make fruity, soft wines to savory, athletic wines.


You’ve trekked to Italy and tasted the most rebellious of all Italian wines. You’ve visited the Languedoc region and tasted a Biodynamic family wine.

You’ve conquered the luscious cabs of Chile.

What next?


Next is the harder part – take all these lessons you’ve learned and really think about the wine you’re tasting. If you really want to know wine…we encourage you to take a crazy step and only drink Cabernet Sauvignon this month.

Taste as much as you can. Find the inexpensive bottles and the more expensive ones. Taste from all over the world. By the end of the month, you will probably hate Cabernet Sauvignon…but you’ll know it very well.

Check the Blind Tasting Wheel below to learn more about the effect of terroir on Cabernet Sauvignon. Gather enough clues and guess the country the wine is from.

Good luck, young wine ninja, and do your homework until we see you again next month!


Aroma Cabernet Sauvignon Chile Aroma Cabernet Sauvignon from Italy Aroma Cabernet Sauvignon France