Cheat Sheet on Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Syrah

You’ve tasted the wines, you’ve read the brochure, and now comes the hard part. Your homework? Its the same every time…taste as much wine as you can! But now you have the tools to really think about the wine. Here are some graphics to help you on your way.

Wine Fingerprints & Structure 

Each grape varietal has a specific fingerprint, like you and I do. This is a set of aromas that will always be in the wine no matter where the grapes are grown. We’ve given you the three main scents here and as we start specializing, more aromas will be added. 

Each varietal also has a certain inherent structure. This changes depending on where the grape is grown and the touch of the winemaker, but we’re breaking it down and giving you the basics.

Pinot Noir

wine structure pinot noirwine aroma - Pinot NoirVolume and texture of pinot noir - learn about wine









wine structure Merlotwine aroma - MerlotWine structure Merlot










wine structure syrahwine aroma - SyrahVolume and texture of syrah - Learn about wine