Guided Tasting: Pinot Noir

Virely-rougeot - Pinot Noir

Are you ready for your first red? Open up that bottle of Virely-Rougeot Bourgogne and let’s get started!


This is Pinot Noir. Like the Chardonnay from Course 1, this wine is also from the Burgundy (Bourgogne) region of France.

Pinot Noir is a difficult to grow grape varietal and prefers cooler climates. However, cooler climates makes the grapes more susceptible to rot and other problems since the skins are quite thin – like we said, difficult to grow!

Don’t let its light color fool you. Good Pinot Noir can be elegant, aromatic, and subtle – its almost never big, intense, and oaky. It is generally low in tannin.

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Pinot Noir is a great ‘bridge’ wine – you can have it with chicken, certain fish and its great with cheese. It’s Tips-wiine-meone of our go-to ‘dinner party’ wines. If you don’t know what someone is making for dinner, but they’ve asked you to bring wine…this is a great choice!


Since Pinot Noir is harder to grow, its not a ‘great value’ wine. So, if you’re looking for a decent wine for your weekday dinner, spend the money on another varietal. If you’re saving up for that special bottle…make it a Pinot Noir! The elegance and finesse of a great Pinot Noir will astound you.


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