Guided Tasting – Riesling

This Periodic Table of Wine Aromas will be a great help for you in all your future tastings (red & white). Click on the image to enlarge it – and we encourage you to print it out for your tastings!

If you don’t have a printer, you will find it in most of the lessons.  We will memorize it together, piece by piece, wine by wine. Here you can find many of the potential aromas in a wine. Each aroma is part of a family.

Tip: Start by finding the main family (Fruit – Earth – Wood – Other), then move to the sub-family (Citrus, Tree Fruits, Dried, etc…), you eventually will end up with the exact aroma, quite naturally.

Wine Aroma Periodic Table

The Wine Aromas Periodic Table – Click on the picture to zoom


Riesling Bechtold - Wine AcademyThis is a Riesling – which many people associate with very sweet wines. Rieslings can make some of the most amazing dry (aka not sweet wine) white wine in the world. We’re going to introduce you to this varietal which doesn’t have a great reputation among some wine drinkers, but is considered the sommelier’s favorite varietal.

Riesling’s exact origin is somewhat a mystery. This varietal originated around the Rhine river – the Mosel in Germany and the Alsace region in France.


Tips wiine meRiesling is one of the best food wines! Just like squeezing a lemon on vegetables to brighten up the flavor, Riesling will do this to any dish

Tips wiine meMost people serve their white wine too cold – take it out of the fridge 15 minutes before you serve to ensure a good temperature


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