Guided Tasting – Syrah from the Northern Rhone



Syrah – also known as Shiraz – is a full bodied, fruit forward varietal that tremendous aging potential. It is grown all over the world. Its known as Shiraz in Australia and in other New World areas, such as California and South Africa.

This wine is full bodied, dark, and intense. Its sometimes blended with fruitier or lighter wines to ease the punch. These wines are concentrated, full bodied, and sometimes (depending on the producer) can take years to come to full maturity.

In France, this grape is:

- the king of the Northern Rhone (mainly as a single varietal wine)

- blended with Grenache, Syrah, and Mouvedre in the Southern Rhone.

Syrah changes a lot depending on if it was grown in a cool or warm climate.

- In European regions (cooler climates), these wines are earthy, smoky, and can be almost meaty or gamey in character.

- In New World (generally warmer climates) they tend to be more fruit forward, warmer, with softer tannins.

You can find great Syrah in France (Northern for 100% Syrah blend, and Southern for a mix), Australia, South Africa, and California.

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Syrah Wine Tips

Tips-wiine-me Syrah has a peppery character which shines through, especially when grown in cooler regions


Tips-wiine-meFeeling like a fruitier, plusher wine? Pick a Syrah from the New World. Looking for an earthy, herbaceous wine? Try a Syrah from a European region.


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