Wine Tasting in 5 easy steps!

Now its time to discover how the professionals taste. Pour yourself a glass of wine and learn how to analyze wine like a pro. We suggest the Voyage des Lanessan, because it is delicious.

This approach is called the 5s or the Top Down approach. It starts with the eyes and sight.






The color of a wine can give you a lot of information, including climate, age, varietal, and whether it was aged in wood.

  • White wine gets darker as it ages.
  • Red wine gets lighter as it ages.



Swirling ‘aerates’ the wine and makes more aromas and flavors come out. Basically, it makes the wine taste more delicious.


SniffSniff – FEW-O

When you think about a wine - think about the FRUIT, EARTH, WOOD, and OTHER scents in your wine (and the acronym FEW-O). Use our awesome wine aroma periodic table to figure out what you are smelling.

Don’t forget that 90% of taste is smell – so really think about what you are smelling!



Now comes everyone’s favorite step – sip! Make sure you pay attention to what you are drinking! Think about…


  • Sweetness - this happens when there is a bit of residual sugar left in the wine. Most wine is made until there is almost no residual sugar left. Many people confuse sweetness with fruit.
  • Bitterness - this can be due to high alcohol content and/or tannins
  • Tannin - a textural component to wine – makes your mouth dry out.
  • Acidity - this wine component makes your mouth water. Its more evident in white wine than red.
  • Fruit - each varietal has a different fingerprint that makes it taste different from other varietals.



When the wine is gone, it is sad. But the finish of the wine is quite important. The finish of a wine is how long you can taste the wine after you’ve swallowed it. The longer the finish, the better quality the wine.

The finish should be like a good date – smooth, elegant, and goes on for exactly how long you want it. Think about if you enjoy the finish, if it is delicious it is a good wine for your taste, if you don’t like it so much, even if the finish goes on for 5 minutes, maybe this is not the wine for you.