Introduction to Red Wines

This course is for all you red wine lovers out there, I know there are a lot! This will be an introduction to the red wines we will be concentrating on for this month.

You’ll taste…

  • An elegant Pinot Noir for Burgundy

    Learn about bordeaux burgundy and rhone valley

    Regions of origin for Pinot Noir, Merlot and Syrah

  • A luscious Bordeaux Blend made with mostly Merlot
  • A spicy and sexy Syrah from the Northern Rhone


So what will you learn from taking this course?

  • What are the components of wine? We will talk more in depth about this.
  • What makes a good wine? How can you tell if its a good wine?
  • The balance of a wine – and what your personal balance is!

The most important part of learning about wine is tasting as much as you possibly can! We hope you will enjoy this lesson!