Your Homework – Memorization

Your first assignment – taste as much wine as you possibly can! (It’s great homework, no?)

But, don’t forget to think about what you are tasting! 

The Wine Academy is about learning about wine and giving you the wine information you need, without boring, heavy reading. We will lead you glass by glass and give you the knowledge you need to speak about wine.

Wine Fingerprints

Each grape varietal has a specific fingerprint, like you and I do. This is a set of aromas that will always be in the wine no matter where the grapes are grown. Depending on the region or country, certain elements of the fingerprint will grow. For instance, Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand will have more tropical fruit flavours than those in the Loire.

As you learn and taste more about wine, more aromas will be added – but the main fingerprint will remain the same. At the end of each course, you will find an aroma fingerprint for each grape varietal you’ve tasted.

Wine Academy - Riesling Aroma






Mind Mapping tool

The 3 grape varietals of this month, in one simple map. You haven’t encountered all these elements yet, but you will! Concentrate for now on the inner circle and finding the families.

Think about this graph like a blind tasting tool:

  1. Start from the inside circle and identify the main family you can smell/taste.
  2. Move to larger circles by identifying the individual flavours for each main family.
  3. Once you have enough clues about the wine flavours, you’ve found your varietal! In the future, we’ll add clues to help you figure out the region of the wine.


Learn about wine fast - mind mapping

Wine Mind mapping Wheel – Click to zoom